Here are a list of brilliant websites about football from around the globe. Some are mates, all are excellent.


The Norse Network 
Almost Norwegian
French Football Weekly 
Benefoot (Belgian and Dutch) 
The Belgian Waffle
Bundesliga Fanatic
Bundesliga Lounge
Alba Espana
Total Dutch Football
The Emerald Exiles (Irish players abroad)
Whiteside Can't Jump (Northern Irish)
Ekstraklasa Review (Polish)
Right Bank Warsaw (Polish)
Slovenia Footy
The Czech Up
Slavic Football Union
Hungarian Football
Russian Football News
Futbolgrad (former Soviet nations)
Rumori di Spogliatoio (Estonian)
One Nil Up (Baltics)

South America

Snap, Kaká And Pop! (Brazilian)
South American Football
Colo Futbol (Columbian)
The Lone Star (Chilean)
Paraguay Football

North/Central America & Caribbean

The Home Of Caribbean Football


African Soccer Review
Sandals For Goalposts
King Fut (Egyptian)
Gambian Football


Japan Footy
K-Talk (Korean)
Thai League Football
Jakarta Casual (Indonesian)
Wild East Football (Chinese)


Zonal Marking
In Bed With Maradona
The Football Attic
Spirit Of Mirko
The Two Unfortunates
Put Niels In Goal
Swiss Ramble
A Football Report
The Blizzard
When Saturday Comes
Lovely Left Foot
The False Nine
Les Rosbifs
Born Offside
World Football Weekly
8-Bit Football
Arsene Wenger's Coat
Yes I Can Explain The Offside Rule
Dispatches From A Football Sofa
Beware Flying Footballs
The Illustrated Game

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