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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Interview with Nikolai Alho

In the latest in the ETS series of interviews, HJK and Finland U21 international Nikolai Alho tells me about qualifying for the Europa League group stage, his musical projects... And supporting Burnley?

You can buy Niko's latest single Gimme All Dat on iTunes - click here for more info, see below for the video.

Nikolai Alho 
After scoring your free-kick in Vienna, and qualifying for the group stage, how have you found playing in the Europa League compared to Veikkausliiga?

After scoring it felt amazing. To be part of making history in Finnish football was amazing. Of course the European games are a lot harder than Veikkausliiga games. The biggest difference is the tempo of the passes and speed of the game. But we have done very well with our team. In my opinion this is the best HJK team for a decade at least.

Niko celebrates HJK's win over Rapid Wien (photo via Faneille)

What was it like to line up opposite Barcelona in August?

Playing Barcelona was a dream come true, in it's own way. It was a great experience for the whole team, or at least us younger players. Barcelona players are pure class, haha. Never seen players that good on the ball!

HJK and Barcelona line up, Niko is front and centre

You’ve started your own media company, what are your hopes for the future for the company and as a recording artist?

Yup, 325 Media is a start up production company owned by me, Valtteri Moren and Jesse Joronen. Our aim is to do videography, photography and music production in out own style. It is something to do on our spare time from football. Hopefully when we are older and our football career is over we can then start doing more of it. For now its just a part time thing. As for my music, I'm releasing a five song EP in December. After that I won't be releasing music for a while. I hope to move next year and play somewhere in Europe.


On your Instagram, you post regularly of your latest clothes – have you any plans to do any clothing lines?

Yes, Instagram... I'm on it a lot and kind of addicted, to say the least! Yeah, I'm into fashion and clothing. But, I haven't really thought about opening my own clothing line!

Niko the fashionista

 Plenty of Instagram material

In the past you’ve mentioned supporting Burnley, what’s the story there?

Yup, my Mum is from Burnley, so that's the story there. Simple and sweet.

Is there any country that you’d love to play in during your career?

I would love to play in Central Europe or England. For the first move, I would also like to play in one of the top clubs in Sweden.


So that was Niko - make sure you follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

More interviews will be coming over the winter!