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Friday, March 28, 2014

Farewell to Adidas - my top five Finland tops

With the Finnish FA set to announce a new kit supplier in the coming weeks, it's an end to a long partnership between Finland and Adidas. Finnish kits have had the brand with three stripes emblazoned for over thirty years, bringing with them some interesting fashions.

I've looked through some of the archives and compiled five of the more memorable Adidas kits. In hindsight perhaps misty-eyed nostalgia and a dislike of (most) modern football shirts has made me think these are great... My favourites are certainly numbers one and five, although number four has a vintage quality. There have also been a few dull jerseys, which I've left off the list.

If anyone would like to help me find number five in a size medium, I'm all ears!

1) 2010-2012

2) 2004-2006

 3) 1998-2000

4) 1988-1990ish

5) 1992-1994