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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Interview with PK-35 Vantaa's Shefki Kuqi (video)

In the latest ETS interview, PK-35 have again been one step ahead of the game and recorded the answers - this time it's manager Shefki Kuqi answering the question. Kuqi has been one of the most popular foreign imports to Britain, playing for numerous clubs. Here he talks with great love for Ipswich Town, some of the managers he has worked for, the situation of Kosovo (his birthplace) and his opinions on Finnish football.

My thanks again to Samu at the football club, and of course Shefki for giving up some of his valuable time. Wish them well for 2015.

As ever, if you have any feedback or suggestions, let me know.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Interview with PK-35 Vantaa's Pablo Couñago (video)

It's been a while since my last interview, so here is another - with a twist. I sent some questions to PK-35 striker Pablo Couñago, formerly of Ipswich Town and Crystal Palace. With many thanks to Samu Liski at the club, he has made a video of Pablo's answers for you to see. I'll write the answers up at some point, but for now, sit back and enjoy.

Makes me feel a little bad about the Roy Keane question, sounds like that's about it for the subject - thanks Pablo for taking the time. Also, thanks again to Samu, while we also have an interview with Pablo's manager Shefki Kuqi in the works...