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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Game Of Emotions (with Aki Riihilahti & Teemu Tainio)

It's a pain sometimes that Finnish football gets noticed as much for novelty values than it does for the football. Some of the most seen things I've posted across the various platforms include an HJK fan falling out of a stand, MYPA's pitch resembling a golf course, and an article about Mrs Hyypiä. Most of it then gets lifted by 101GreatGoals without due credit... Even Egan Richardson's photo of a recent Ilta-Sanomat page turned up in free UK rag Metro.

In the same vein, former Premier League midfielders Aki Riihilahti (Crystal Palace) and Teemu Tainio (Spurs) have appeared in a series of adverts for betting group Veikkaus, along with several other high-profile Finnish athletes, and weirdly, The Bold And The Beautiful actor Ronn Moss... (I've talked about Ronn before, his show was huge in Finland in the 90s according to Mrs ETS).

Ronn and Aki learn their lines

As part of a campaign to remind people that there is more drama in sports stands, Veikkaus conceived these adverts... They've certainly got people talking. Luckily it's in English (with Finnish subtitles) so we can all enjoy it.

Part one features Aki Riihilahti, Teemu Tainio and golfer Minea Blomqvist.

Part one

Part two features Aki, Minea and javelin thrower Mikaela Ingberg.

Part two

Part three features Mikaela, speed skater Pekka Koskela and hockey player Petteri Nummelin.

Part three

Part four features Mikaela, Aki, former hockey player Juhani Tamminen, Petteri, Minea, Teemu and Pekka.

Part four

Either way, it should tickle you for a little while - feel free to leave comments below with suggestions for an English version. Perhaps without the ageing Joey Tribbiani-a-like.