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Monday, April 16, 2018

Football kits for sale!

Hello all. Several of you know that I'm a bit of a football shirt nerd. I've got a rather large box containing some of the jerseys I've picked up on my travels. Alas, my oldest daughter is moving into the spare room this summer and I'm reluctantly having to make some space...

To that end, I've started the clearout. Some of these still have tags on, some have only been worn once or twice, some were only purchased for brief Finnish Football Show appearances. More are likely to follow...

If you buy two shirts, you can have a 10% discount for both. If you buy three, 15% off, and so on. If you do make an offer, I'll show it as reserved on here. Once payment is received, I'll remove it. Let me know by emailing escapetosuomi AT gmail DOT com. I can email more detail photographs on request. Payment by Paypal or bank transfer. £3 postage UK, £5 EU.

MYPA 1992 - Umbro £25

Medium. Wear to number. A few bobbles throughout. Label cut off.

Villarreal 2010/11 - Puma £25

Medium. Brand new with tags.


France - Adidas Originals £25

Medium. Worn a couple of times. No bobbles.


Italy 2012 - Puma £25

Large. Worn once. No damage.


Croatia player issue away 2010/12 - Nike £35

Large (slim fitting). Worn once, no damage. Bought from Classic Football Shirts. Ventilation holes on sides.


Colombia 2014 - Adidas £60

Medium. Brand new with tags.

Universitario (Peru) 2013 - Umbro £20

Medium. Worn a few times. Good condition.


Celtic training shirt 2012/13 - Nike £20

Medium. Brand new with tags.


Belgium away 2016 - Adidas £40

Large. Worn once, excellent condition.


Fiorentina 2015 - Le Coq Sportif £30

Medium. Worn twice. Very good conditon.

AS Saint-Etienne retro - Le Coq Sportif £60

Medium. Brand new with tags. Reproduction from 2015 based on 1970s design. Bought from Le Coq Sportif.


KuPS goalkeeper early 1990s - Umbro £25

Large. Good condition shirt. Some minor damage to printing.


Anderlecht 2014/15 - Adidas £40

Medium. Brand new with tags.

O'Higgins home 2014/15 - Diadora £40

Medium. Unworn, from Classic Football Shirts. With champions 2013 embroidery.


England away 1994/95 - Umbro £30

Extra large. Some bobbles throughout, fading to collar. Small tear (1cm) on left shoulder.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Veikkausliiga kits 2017

Every year, I start the season by looking at the kits to be worn in the upcoming Veikkausliiga season. I'm a big fan of football kits, although sometimes they do get a bit boring... This year, we're looking at a variety - some awesome, some incredibly dull. Make your own mind up!

IFK Mariehamn - Puma

HJK - Adidas

SJK - Adidas

VPS - Puma

 Ilves - Adidas

RoPS - Puma

KuPS - Puma

Lahti - Umbro 

PS Kemi - Stanno

HIFK - Puma

Inter Turku - Nike

JJK - Nike

If you fancy getting your hand on these, click on the club shop tab at the top - most are readily available...

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Veikkausliiga 2016 kits

With a new season of Veikkausliiga beginning, it's usually a time to marvel at some of the kits that will be on display - with the obligatory large number of sponsors. I didn't do a kit blog at the start of last season, which is just as well as some of the kits remain the same. I've included last season's kits by way of a comparison... Most of the photos are official Veikkausliiga profiles.

Most of the clubs have a webshop, the details of which are on a tab at the top of the page.


The champions will play in the same Adidas kit as last season, as modelled by new signing Abdoulaye Méïté. Special mention though to the jackets worn by the coaching staff, classic Adidas Originals gear with the trefoil logo. Magnificent.


Last year's silver medallists are again decked out in Puma, this time the same template as the current Arsenal home jersey.


Looking to regain their crown, the club have made several signings but keep the same shirt as last season. Perhaps they still have some remaining from last year that they didn't sell in Japan?

Inter Turku

Inter remain with Nike jerseys, but they've moved onto a more subdued template. Less identifiable, but far more attractive.
FC Lahti

Same Umbro jersey as last year, but with... A bigger main sponsor? Was there a bit too much black left? I do hope Halton have paid more for the privilege.
IFK Mariehamn

Same Puma kit as last season... Same official profile photos too!


Very little change other than an updated template - nice to see Kappa still doing kits, shame about the lack of shoulder trim like the Man City kit of the 90s.


A change in template, little else. A shame, I loved the 2015 design but it's not a bad replacement.

Same kit as last season (the 2015 official photographs were of the previous kit). All that's missing is a copy of today's newspaper being held by the obvious hostage.


Same Puma kit as last season, clearly found in a basement bin somewhere in Vaasa.

PS Kemi

It's putting it mildly to say that I'm heartbroken. This is the biggest shame of all. One of last year's finest kits, a custom made Adidas abstract effort (underneath the sponsors) has been replaced by a budget plain red Stanno rag I wouldn't clean my car with. Such a shame.
PK-35 Vantaa

Shefki's boys are following the Inter Turku model, replacing red and black stripes with a low-key number. Nice. I've got one already...
So that's the fashion parade for the upcoming season. As I said before, most clubs have a shop online - check the tab at the top. I'm not on commission, but don't forget that every penny counts for most of these clubs.